Recommended Equipment

As a beginning freelance photographer, the right equipment is everything. Your photographic equipment must work together to help produce your best work. Below are professional audio and video products for beginners and photographers of all levels.

Video cameras are designed with high-quality options. Your options include camcorders, mirrorless, and DSLR models. Professional video camera models provide quality images and better sensors. They feature long-lasting battery systems.

Camera mics help to eliminate ambient noise. Quality microphones are available as shotgun, handheld, and lavalier. For better audio sound, an external mic is needed. 

Police scanners are legal to own and operate. Freelance journalists can hear local police and firefighter frequencies to stay on top of the news. Scanner models are available as handheld, mobile, and desktop models.   

Mirrorless cameras are the new wave of digital photography. They’re small, light. A DSLR, or Digital Single Lens Reflex camera features a removable lens and a reflex mirror. Mirrorless and DSLR cameras offer image quality and customization options.

Headphone technology provides top-quality sound. They offer tailor-made options that help freelancers get the most out of the experience. Quality headphones allow you to control the volume for ambient sounds.

Media management is another important process for freelance journalists. It is an important part of backing-up, organize, and store your photos and audio data.