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Who better understands the world of freelance journalism, than those who have experienced what freelancing is all about. We are here to guide you through the maze. Stringers Guide is managed by subject matter experts. We are experienced photographers and videographers.

You will see field stories and learn about the best freelancing photo/audio equipment. Equipment can include video cameras, microphones, radio scanners, still cameras, headphones, media management and so much more.

Stringers Guide gives you a platform to see what other freelancers are doing on this same career path. Stringers Guide is a popular online freelance journalist community. We will provide the information you need on a variety of subjects in our blog posts.

We are designed to inspire and educate photographers whether you are a beginner or have a well-established career. Our content will range from in-depth stories on technical skills, tutorials, and how-to-guides.

We want to help photographers move onto the next level and to increase your skills. We are here for you!

Stringer Guide helps you learn how to grow your business. Stringer Guide offers something for everyone.

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