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Microphone technology is ever-evolving. They are used in a variety of environments. To choose the right microphone for your use, let’s look at some of their news reporting capacity. Different microphones can pick up sounds from varied directions. Here are some popular microphone directions:

• Shotgun
Shotgun microphones give you a longer pickup range. They are often mounted to DSLR, mirrorless, or video camera. Shotgun mics help to lessen sounds from the left and right due to phase cancellation technology.

• Cardioid
With cardioid, you pick up sounds in front of you without picking up other sounds. This mic works very well in large audience environments, in studios, or for public speeches.

• Omnidirectional
These microphones capture sounds from all around you. They don’t need positioning because they will pick up all sounds in the environment you are in.

Let’s look at specific brands of mics from each of these categories:

Shotgun Microphones

Rode NTG4 Supercardioid Condenser Shotgun Microphone

Your best videography work will be accomplished with the Rode NTG4 Shotgun Microphone. This short (10.9”) shotgun microphone contains digital controls that greatly enhance sound quality. When affixed to your camera the microphone gives you a fuller sound and richer tones. It is designed to give you a booming sound that works great for recording voices at a distance. The Rode NTG4 microphone features a filtered, yet sensitive frequency that is covered with a foam windscreen. This technology reduces ambient noises that are around you. The Rhode series is powered by a long-lasting Li-ion battery that keeps your mic operating for years.

Audio-Technica AT875R Shotgun Condenser Microphone

The Audio-Technica AT875R Shotgun Microphone picks up clear sound patterns. With durable O-rings, it can perch atop your camera, mic-stand, or boom pole. At 7” in length, it filters out unnecessary sounds with its multi-directional technology. The technology consists of a foam windscreen. However, its ability to pick-up distant voices and dialogue is the best in its class. The AT875R shotgun microphone is very durable with its weather-resistant technology. It will work whenever and wherever you need it because it is powered by Phantom Power technology. It carries a long-range and lots of voltage. This will enable you to quickly carry your mic from one assignment to the next.

Rode VideoMic Camera Mount Shotgun Microphone

The Rode Video Shotgun Microphone is mountable to your DSLR, mirrorless, or video camera. Its foam windscreen design lessens extraneous noise, especially when outdoors. This shotgun microphone has stable technology so that it does not vibrate when being handled. Its run-and-gun capability is great for mobile photographers and videographers. When you need specific audio settings, you can personalize your controls. Its connection options to a camera, a smartphone, or a tablet includes a lengthy cable. Also, a camera shoe mount helps attach it to your camera or a boom-pole. Using microphones in the field means dependability for a lucrative return. This is accomplished through the operating power of a 9V battery that gives you up to 100 hours of life.

Lavalier Microphone

Sennheiser EW 112P G4 – A Omni-directional Wireless Lavalier Microphone System

The Sennheiser EW 112P G4 Camera Mount Lavalier Microphone is an omnidirectional tool. It is a wireless mic that features many innovative features. You can count on the sounds through the mic remaining clear, crisp, and consistent. The G4 lavalier mic is designed with a durable casing that is also weather resistant. In the field, this quality microphone system can automatically scan to find the best frequency at your location. This mic is so advanced that its transmitter range works in all sound environments. It operates well in varied environments like a loud stadium or a concert hall. The power of the Sennheiser G4 wireless mic comes from a battery with over 8 hours of operating life.

Rode RodeLink FM Digital Wireless Filmmaker System

The Rode RODELink is a quality lavalier mic. This is a great digital wireless system that works well for videographers and other news content professionals. Simply plug it into your camera and start recording. It works in any environment because of its omnidirectional technology. The sound that you receive is always clear. When you clip this mic onto your subject, you will not receive any distortion sounds. Your transmitter emanates from a bodypack and a camera-mount receiver. You can travel anywhere with the RODELink lavalier without any radio or TV interference. Its double AA batteries give you more than 30 hours of operating life.

Rode Wireless Go – Compact Wireless Microphone System

The Rode Digital Wireless Microphone is a run-and-gun external mic system. It features a miniature clip-on transmitter with an omnidirectional technology. Just clip the mic onto a person’s clothing. Then clip the one-ounce receiver near your recording device, then start talking and recording. With the Rode GO digital lavalier mic, you are not encumbered with scrolling through menus or multiple dials. Instead, power up and GO with a bright LCD screen that guides you through its operations. Also, a long-life battery system does not let you down.

Handheld Microphone

Sennheiser MD 46 – Cardioid Handheld Dynamic ENG Microphone

The Sennheiser MD 46 is a comfortable 12-ounce mic to hold when you are placing it in front of your subject. You don’t need to worry about how clear the sound will be. This is because its innovative Omni mic technology can lessen background popping noise. As a handheld interview mic, the MD 46 gives you a frequency range of 40 Hz to 18 kHz. The MD 46 is not a wireless mic but it can connect to a wireless transmitter. This Sennheiser mic works well with an ENG and many other types of cameras for long periods of interview time. As an added feature, you can use a mic clip and XLR cable. The Sennheiser mic has everything you need to start shooting with reliability.

Electro-Voice RE50B – Omnidirectional Dynamic Shock-mounted ENG Microphone

The Electro-Voice RE50B ENG Microphone is a favorite tool for news fieldwork. This omnidirectional mic has been popularized by news agencies in global interviews. The RE50B mic is shock-resistant and weather-resistant. As a result, you can use it with a guarantee of clear sounds. It automatically lessens any background popping sounds and possible distortions. Its specialized foam filter keeps your voices and sounds crisp in any environment. As a handheld ENG mic, it carries a frequency range of 80 Hz to 12 kHz. This wired mic can also connect to devices via a 3-pin XLR.

Microphone Endnote

Microphones designed in a digital world are beginning to evolve into a wireless environment. The brands noted above are part of the microphone changes taking place. They are producing more dynamic sound technology, more Bluetooth connectivity, and their sizes are becoming smaller. Many new features will surprise field videographers, photographers, and news Stringers.

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